Hello, andwelcome to the programming course for beginners. This course if for anyone that wants to learn programming, even if you don’t have any idea what programming is.This course contains the basics of the programming – elements that almost all the programming languages have. And after you finish this course you will be able to understand the basic principles of programming and coding and also you will be ready to learn more advanced programming.All the coding examplesare in Python but you can switch very easy to another programming language after you finish the course because you will know the programming basics.During the course there are a lot ofdifferent diagrams and drawings so the students can understand better all the concepts. Also the students have different exercises that they can solve to practice and to get better.Here are the sections of this course:IntroductionPreparationVariablesData TypesDecision MakingLoopsProblem SolvingFinal ProjectsAt the end of the course there is a section that has two final projects, where I will show you how to create two simple games.If you want to learn something new then this course is for you.