Learn how to make your projects beautiful with the power of Pi!Make eye-catching portfolio piecesGet a foundation in C# scriptingLearn Unity 3D basicsLearn concepts which can be applied to other game engines / programming languagesThis course will give you a solid foundation programming in C#; you dont need any prior experience! But, if youre a novice or even an experienced programmer who has yet to behold the beauty of programming with Pi, this course is still for you!Youll get a thorough understanding of Programming with PI so that youll be ready to apply some sine wave magic to your own projects, in Unity and beyond. The skills you learn in this course can be applied from 3D object manipulation (as depicted in the course) to 2D Sprites and even animating UI elements!No matter what field of programming you are interested in, this course will help you to make some visually appealing projects that will make fantastic portfolio pieces.Course Logistics:Got a question? Ask away! Chances are, others will have similar questions, so I may record BONUS videos in response.Finished? This course is considered complete. Bonus videos may still be added, but all core lectures have been posted.Support? Help is available to any and all students from the course creator; Attila “Gabriel” Branyiczky.COMPLETE Course Content Breakdown:Unity Related:Downloading and installing UnityIDE layout basicsRandom.RangePrefabsInstantiateResources.LoadRotationsGetComponentLights in Unity[System.Serializable]Input GetKey, and KeyCodeC# Related:Data TypesAccess ModifiersMember variablesScopeConditional StatementsConstantsCode CommentsFor LoopsIncrement and Decrement OperatorsInteger vs Float DivisionC# MethodsCreating a ClassInheritanceLogical OperatorsAdditional Learning Topics:Sine WavesAnimation Principles: Squash and StretchPitch, Roll, and Yaw