Thecomplete comprehensive guide for starting your journey as a DevOpsengineer is here! Master DevOps components in this no fuss course!Theprocess of DevOps, which includes combining the process ofdevelopment and operations into one, helps smooth the process ofdeveloping apps, deploying them and even testing them.Time is often an important factor in development, where developersspend days and even months building one app, and even more tryingto test it and scale it. This is why automation is amazing, it helpsreduce this time significantly. DevOpsis a set of practice that seeks to reduce the gapbetween software developmentand software operation. It focuses on automating and monitoring allsteps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasingto deployment and infrastructure management. The objective is tobuild shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency,more dependable releases, in close alignment with businessobjectives.DevOpsis currently all the rage and the demand for DevOps engineers arehigh! With a lot of companies focusing onreducing the operational time and costs, DevOps has become animportant factor. So, if you want to join one of the most highdemanded fields,then weve got the tool that can help!Ourcourse has been designed as a guide to help you start at the verybeginning with DevOps, so even if you are a newbie, you will still beable to grasp a lot of information from this course. However, coursedoes assume a few things such as you are expected to have a basicunderstanding of Linux, as well as other programming languages suchas Java, C#, or Python. Knowledge of PHP and CodeIgnitor are helpful,but they arent mandatory. Thecourse will start off by discussing DevOps andthe world of automation, where you will learn exactly how to become aDevOps enginner. You will learn the importance of DevOps in todaysdevelopment world, as well become familiar with the wellknown components of the DevOps system such as Vagrant, Docker,Ansible, Genkins and even Git. Youwill also learn principles such as containerization, versiontracking, instant provisioning andso much more.Atthe end of this course, youwill have not only started on your journey as a DevOps engineer but,you will have the confidence toactually achieve complete automation in an Agile developmentenvironment.So,what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become a DevOps engineernow!