Thiscourse exam is more than a PMP simulator. The questions are carefully crafted and chosen based on the weightage prescribed for each process group by PMI organization as shown below.Initiating 13% Planning 24% Executing 31% Monitoring and Controlling 25% Closing 7%How is this exam designed?The questions are completely based on PMBOKguide 6th edition prescribed by PMIorganization. Each questions are tailored in such a way that the answers are directly available from PMBOK guide 6th edition so that there would be no ambiguity in understanding the answers.After completing the exam, each question’s answer can be reviewed with description along with the page number & section with respect to those answers.There are two practice tests availableREMEMBERTHETITANS – This exam simulates the original PMP exam with 200 questions to be answered in 4 hours. The questions are based on the weightage theme with respect to different process group from Initiating to Closing. This exam helps you to recollect all the information you studied during PMP preparation. FORMULAONE – This exam deals only on the formula side of the PMBOK guide. Each question has different options out of which only one formula or the equation is correct and you have to choose that.What can I expect from this exam?This is not a substitute for PMP exam. This exam is more of a PMP knowledge refresher & retainer. You can take this exam anytime, anywhere at your convenience. The thought process behind this exam is to make sure you retain the topics you have studied and continue to stay in touch with those topic throughout your exam preparation.Who should take the exam?There are four categories of students who can take this exam1. If you are very fresh to PMP course, you can take this exam and get the general idea of PMP exam.2. If you have just finished reading PMBOKguide 6th edition from PMI, you can right away take this exam to check your understanding of PMP knowledge.3. If you need to check / refresh your PMP knowledge periodically, you can take this exam to challenge your knowledge retention capability.4. If you have your real PMP exam scheduled in upcoming days (less than a week) or a month, you can take this exam to refresh your memory.Who should not take the exam?Students who aim to prepare entire PMP in a week or two should not take up this course exam. The purpose of this course exam is to bring out the best in you for the original PMP exam when you have thoroughly gone through PMBOK guide 6th edition. This course exam is not a shortcut for clearing the original PMPexam.What strategy would help in clearing PMP exam?Students who take PMP exam are the working professionals and that is the important eligibility criteria prescribed by PMI. Most of us are busy with our personal-professional life and it would be really difficult to devote time for PMPpreparation. Do not aim to prepare PMPexam too early (within a month ) or too long (8 months). The optimum duration should be between 4 to 6 months assuming short duration (15 mins) of practice everyday. The general idea is to start devoting 15 minutes of your daily time to PMPeveryday (including 15 mins in weekends) for the 1st month and gradually increase by 5 mins for 2nd month and so on. By fourth month you might be able to devote 25 – 30 mins of your daily time and this is good enough to understand and remember most of the topics you learnt. Do not stretch more time on weekends or any other holidays, strictly stick to your schedule. Progress gradually with a constant pace. Read the PMBOK guide from PMIcompletely, repeat again to connect the dots which you would have not understood in the first try. Now take this mock exam to know the kind of questions that would be asked in PMP. There are other good authors, platforms who also serve you with a good dose of knowledge regarding PMP. You can take as many exams as you want or repeat my exam course content as many times as you want. As mentioned earlier, my course exam is not a substitute for the original PMP but the the idea is to help you grip with the concepts you studied and keep you in constant pace to clear the exam. The best way to clear any exam is to connect the concepts, retain them, apply when required and answer the questions. This exam course tries to help you achieve all this.Remember the 1 percent strategy. The theory is that if you can improve daily by 1 percent, the compounding effect of that 1 percent can have a tremendous impact over a period of time and same applies to your PMPpreparation.Grasp the concepts, Grip the process group, Grow your knowledge area – Repeat