A hands-on course tohelp you learn everything you need to know about ASP.NET Core 2.0Framework!ASP.NetCore 2 is the next generation open-source framework to help builddynamic cross-platform websites. With the ASP.Net Core 2, Microsofthas tried to create an amazing platform that is fast, flexible, andmodern.However,learning ASP.Net Core 2 is not exactly easy, especially with atextbook approach at the subject matter. This is why we have designeda complete hands-on course that deviates away from just focusing ontheory learning, but instead takes a hand-on approach to ASP.Net.Thecourse starts at the very beginning and is also designed keeping inmind newbie students who have no experience with ASP.Net framework.It will focus on building up the fundamentals and teach youeverything you need to know to start building you very own ASP.NetCore 2 application.Takingit a step further, the instructor will also take you step-by-step toactually build four different projects from scratch that will helpyou learn the subject by doing. The first section of the coursecovers a detailed overview of ASP.Net Core 2, including a comparisonbetween core 1.0 and web pages, as well as how this core version hasimproved cross-platform development. Thefollowing 4 sections include different projects that cover simpleapplications such as a contact form that uses Razor Pages which letsyou send emails, where you will also learn how to integrate the formwith a GMAIL account. The second project will show you how to createa Web API that allows the developers to hit using RESTful resourceson the application. Thethird project will see you build a Shopping Cart from scratch whichteaches you how to integrate the app with a database using the entityframework to accomplish that. We will also see how to retaininformation in the shopping cart as well allow users to modify theircart. In the final project, we will build an Authorized User Web Appthat is going to use the identity framework to build out all thestructure, the schema inside of the database. You will also learn howto integrate the identity framework into our application and givevarying information.Atthe end of this course, you will not have the knowledge for buildingyour very own ASP.Net web apps, but youll also have 4 projectsthat you can add to your portfolio.Enrollnow and lets get started building your very own ASP.Net app!