Projects in Bootstrap 4: Learn by Building Apps



Getyou hands on Boostrap with this hands-on Projects in Bootstrap 4course!Bootstraphas revamped its latest version of Bootstrap framework. The latestversion is not only easier to use but also comes packed with a wholelot of different features. Buildingwebsites hasbecome a tedious task having to write bits and pieces of code toprovide a structure to your website. Well, what if you could simplyadd a framework and it could do all of that for you? Well, Bootstrapdoes exactly that. Bootstrapis a framework that allows you to install over your website and offera structure to it. The website can still be modified and incorporateother elements, but this provides a more proper layout to thewebsite. Bootstrap alsooffers other features such as jumbotrons, lighboxes, sticky menus andso much more without have to write the tedious coding thats behindit.Thiscourse has been designed to help you master Bootstrap in a simple andeffective manner. Using a hands-on approach that includes 5 projectbased examples, you will learn exactly how to build your website withBootstrap 4. Bootstrap4 is not at all similar to the older versions and offers some fairlyinteresting updates. The latest version strengthens support for somefeatures, while dropping support for others. Itnow comes with features such as switching from LESS to SASS, addedsupport for Flexbox, dropped support for IE8, IE9 and iOS 6. It hasalso increased the global font size to 16px, switched from pixels toroot ems and have even rewritten all the components and jQueryplugins.Youwill cover all of the brand-new features of Bootstrap 4 in here,while also learning how to actually start integrating it into yourwebsite design. The 5 features will helpyou get started from the very beginning, so if you have no experiencewith Bootstrap, you will still learn a whole lot from this course.The5 Projects that you will cover in this course:Photosharing Learn how to integratelayout changes and multiple pages in this project.Resume In this project, youwill learn how to use the Bootstrap 4 grid and create thecorresponding layouts with that.SocialNetworking Thisproject will show you howto incorporate a number of different feature such as comments,adding photos, groups, andsidebars.Agency Learn how to add anav bar on the top, followed by a jumbotron. In this project, youwill seehow to block of sections of a page to add a different segment of thewebsite and add a contrasting design. Lightbox In this project, you will learn how to incorporate the Bootstrap4 grid layout, to create a lightbox, that includes images.So,what are you waiting for? Enroll now and learn how you can diversifyyour website design with Bootstrap!