As time passed, the role of developers has also changed. Initially, when developers used to prefer being an expert of any one segment i.e. backend or frontend, now developers are constantly going towards being a full stack web developer. Having the knowledge of all the aspects of web development i.e. the frontend, the backend and everything in between gives a great command over web development. And this is the reason, today the demand for a full-stack web developer has significantly increased. Keeping in this mind, we bring you this online tutorial, where you can sharpen your MERN skills by building various real-time projects.Why this course is important?We have crafted this unique course which will teach you how to be a full stack developer while building different types of apps.  This course helps you to polish your MERN skills by teaching you the correct way to build and implement the various real-time application. Initially, it teaches you about user management app, then you will learn the different aspects which are essential for building and implementing a social networking application. Later, you will learn about blog application, webscraping application along with search suggestion app.This course includes application and implementation of-Web Application Login with User management AppBlog AppSocial Networking AppWeb Scraping AppSearch Suggestion AppStill in Dilemma?Still thinking whether to take this course or not! Then, probably you should ask yourself that do you want to become a complete Full Stack Web Developer? Do you want to perfect your MERN skill by building projects? Does the idea of working on the frontend, the backend and everything in between fascinate you? Well, if yes, then its time for you to take this course to become an MERN expert!