Become a master appdeveloper with this Comprehensive React Native Course!Astechnology grew, developers had to settle for building apps that arelaggy, or spend hours having to learn a new language, but ReactNative changed the game it allowed developers to build apps withtrue native capabilities without having to learn a new language or acomplicated technology.ReactNative is a framework, built by Facebook on its React JavaScriptlibrary. It uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as Nativeapps, react Native builds apps that are smooth, dynamic and alsoallows using native capabilities such as GPS, camera, fingerprintsensor, etc.Our course is theperfect place for you learn this amazing technology in a systematicmanner using a hands-on approach!Designedkeeping beginners and intermediate students in mind, this course willhelp you breakdown the fundamentals of React Native framework andthen will go on to help you understand exactly how you should useReact Native to build actual apps.Thecourse will start with a detailed introduction into React Native,including installing the React Native framework, learning how to setup the environment on multiple operating systems such as Android andiOS, setting up React Native on Windows and Mac, learning about filestructures, components, props, states, and other similar concepts. Butthats not all. You will also learn how to build 5 different appsthat range in complexity to help you solidify your learning and teachyou exactly how to use this framework in practical applications. 5 Apps that you willcover in this course:React NativeBusiness App In this basicapp, youll learn about page component setup, styling, addingcontent, textinput, buttons, switch, state and even toolbars.Book Finder Adding to the basics above,this app will teach you things such as navigator, ListView,PressRow, etc.FirebaseItemlister Learn aboutFirebase, Statusbar, and other important Firebase components in thisproject.Project Manager Learn about storage systems,App set up, Forms and so much more in this advanced project.Text Translate App Learn how to incorporatetranslate components, including fetching translations from the API.Notime to waste! You dream app is waiting for you, so lets getstarted!