Promotional Design Master Class with Shawn BarryThis course is a Master class taught by promotional design specialist, Shawn Barry. In this course, you’ll learn 6 common types of promotional campaigns, what theirstrategic differences are, how the communication works and how to design a great looking promo using solid design methodology.This course is based on a real promotion for a real client, that’s in market. Shawnbackward-engineers the process so you can follow along and learn the steps. But it doesn’t end with just watching – there are 6 full project briefs complete with logos, high res images copy decks and a full brief for your to try your hand at creating a promotional campaign for your own portfolio.This course is great for clients and designers alike. Clients with a business that needs a promotional push will learn the process from the other side of the desk, and will come away with a solid foundation to create the right type of promotion for their brand. Creatives will learn the promo design method, and have lots of material to practice and sharpen their skills – not to mention adding one more valuable tool to the toolbox.If you want to learn promotional design, this is the course for you.RESOURCE: Here’s a blank Creative Brief template you can use for your projects.