This course focuses on the most important aspects of Real Estate Investment, calculations. Yes, Deal Analysis. Numbers do not lie and when trying to make an educated decision at what price a property is worth purchasing and should I Flip or Hold, Real Estate Investingprofit evaluation is a must.By the end of this course you will be able to calculate your Maximum Purchase Price, Profit at closing when you purchase, Equity, Cash on Cash Return, Calculate scaling profit on your Flip up to 12 months. Calculate Hold and Rent Cashflow up to 30 years. Compare Flip or Hold to how many years it might take to match Profits.Students will have free lifetimeaccess to Property Flip or Hold analysis tools, plain and simple it will do all of the Real Estatecalculations for you. Save multiple Portfolio’s and Properties.UsesReal EstateInvestors for personal use or others.Flip Property.Rent Property.Agents for their investors.MainAnalysisValue AnalysisCalculate Maximum Purchase Price based on Profit needed, Soft Cost and Repairs.Flip Analysis for the first 12 months.Rent Analysis up to 30 years.Rent Analysis shows cumulative Cashflow summary comparing to Flip’s Profit.Calculate Mortgage Payment.Cash on Cash Return.Print individual property Flip or Hold details.Save report to PDF and email.Real Estate Investing.Property EvaluationResearch sold homes in the property area to evaluate ARV.Calculate approximate Repair Cost.Evaluate Monthly Holding Cost.Lookup PropertyTaxes.Estimate Property Insurance.Consider evaluation as Cash Offer, Flip and Hold Mortgage.Real Estate InvestingNo Complex CalculationsNo Long Drawn-out AnalysisAnalyze Flip or Hold Scenarios from one screen.