The Proxmox VE 6 is one of the powerful alternatives for virtualization solutions like VMware VSphere and Microsoft HyperV, it’s free and open source, you can implement clusters and high availability without using any additional licenses or fees.The course has been updated on April 27, 2020 to include the new release changes, the lectures were also re-organized to be divided into shorter videos instead of long-lectures according to students feedback. the In this course you learn how to create a high available data center using Proxmox VE, high availability and shared storage solutions, in this course you will learn how to manage firewall, users and permissions and how to configure networking and bonding, all the following topics will be covered in this course:Introduction and InstallationInstalling Proxmox VE from ISOInstalling Proxmox VE on Debian 9  (Stretch)Web InterfaceWeb Interface GUICreating Your First VMVirtual Machine OptionsQEMU/KVM and LXC ContainersVirtual Machines and ContainersCreating Your First ContainerRAM and Disk Advanced ConfigurationsAdvanced RAM ConfigurationsAdvanced Disk Options and Caching TypesEmulated and Paravirtualized Devices Network Concepts and ManagementNetwork ConfigurationsNetwork BondingStorage ManagementEditing Storage Contents and Uploading ISOsAdding New StorgaesProxmox VE FirewallEnabling Firewall and Creating RulesSecurity GroupsIP AliasesIP SetsFirewall LoggingFirewall Services and CommandsFTP RulesIntegration with Suricata IPSCommon Ports   Backup and RestoreBackup Schedule and ModesSnapshots, Cloning and TemplatesUsers AdministrationUsers and Authentication RealmsPermission ManagementPrivileges Objects and PathsPools, VM Permissions and Groups Proxmox Cluster Creating 3 Nodes ClusterQuorumCluster Filesystem High AvailabilityIntroduction to HA and Shared StorageCeph Installation and ConfigurationsActivating High AvailabilityAdding and Removing OSDsGlusterFS Shared Storage ZFS Shared Storage and ReplicationStorage for ISO and Templates Proxmox VE Services Command Line InterfaceCommon CommandsConfiguring PVE From FilesProxmox VE API and Billing Automation  (brief)Eventually, this will be a continuous course I am going to add any additional topics I think they are important, and any topics requested by students.So, if you think that this course can be improved by adding any topics, then please let me know.