Public Speaking: Conquer your fear and own the stage!



Welcome! My name is Matt Scoletti and I’m a professional keynote speaker who’s givenover 500 speeches!Iwasn’t always like this though.After a failed 5th grade speech Itold myself the false story that Iwas a terrible speaker…for MANYyears. Now, Ican’t wait to get in front of audiences both big and small and share my story as well as motivate the crowd! This is my passion and Ican’t wait to share my knowledge with you and help you on your journey!This course is designed to help YOUhave a similar breakthrough that Ihad. This course will help you:- Develop the best mindset to become extremely confident on stage- Get out of your comfort zone more often in order to improve your success rate- Learn how to structure a speech and find your style- Keep things simple- Debunk public speaking myths- Gain knowledge and ideas from someone who has a proven method of conquering fear and creating breakthroughs!This course is different from others because it gets to the core problem with public speaking fear!There are many tips and ideas out there to help you become a better speaker, however, the MAINconcept of MINDSET is often overlooked in other courses. All of the tips in the world will not help you if you haven’t developed the right mindset before giving a speech. This course helps you develop the correct mindset in order to become the presenter you’ve always dreamed of becoming!This course will help you crush fears, get out of your comfort zone, and blow past any limiting beliefs you USEDTOhave for yourself. Itruly believe that if you take this course and use the ideas that are laid out, your life will change for the better!You’ll become a more confident person, you’ll become a better leader, you’ll develop amazing communication skills and you’ll turn into an incredible public speaker! I’m so excited to have you on board for this course and Ican’t wait to hear about your future successes!