Imaginethe amazing feeling in your future when that special child in your life is being tucked in at night and looks up into your eyes and says, Tell me a story” and you bring out your very own book, read the title, watch the child touch its glossy cover and ask, Is this the book you wrote for me???”In this easy-to-follow-along course, you’ll learn how to not only write the book of your dreams, but to revise, illustrate, design, and publish your most compelling children’s picture book.Learn editor and publisher Demi Stevens’ ninja-stealth trick to writing better and faster 1st drafts.Write your book, step by step. You’ll also learn industry-insider tips to revising so your verynext draft becomes a polished manuscript – ready to roll!Make your book’s text and story line really shine on the page, complete with done-for-you Book Templates which make it DIY simple.Find your book’s perfect illustrator, along learn tried-and-true techniques which allow even grade school students to illustrate their own titles with success. You’ll also learn how to perfectly scan those finished illustrations and insert them in your book’s digital file.Walk step-by-step through basic, intermediate, and pro techniques to polish your book’s text and illustrations.Get your book in print!BONUS GUARANTEE:When you use this method, your bookwill be made availablefor sale on Amazon worldwide.And if your dream is larger than just reading your book to that special child in your life you’ll have the skills you need to move forward on a career as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR or even to open an independent publishing company of your own.The choice is up to you! Your journey begins today!