WHAT IS THIS COURSE ABOUT?This course start with basics of Python programming language and takes you up to Intermidiate level.It will make you self sufficient in programming so that not only you become Expert Python but also give you insights to learn any language quickly and easily.Lot of examples in each chapter with explanations.WHAT IS GOING TO BE COVERED IN THIS COURSE?Main topics to be introduced in this course as follows:Start coding with PythonVariables And Identifiers In PythonIntroduction To Standard Types In PythonBasic Operations In PythonMaking Decisions if-elif-elseLoopsFunctionsClasses – Object Oriented ProgrammingGetting Input from userCreating Your Own FunctionsHandling Text and Binary FilesDatabase ActivitiesUsing LibrariesError HandlingGeneratorsSerializationSetsWHY TAKE THIS COURSE?Very importantly, this course aims to cover the basics of Python to teach coding to everybody. You don't need to be developer to take this course. It gives you complete exposure of Python with examples to understand it thoroughly.The use of Python will make your scripting or computations or the development of the tools which you need to implement quite fast and easy.Lot of Lab Exercises and Solutions in every chapters with explanations which helps you to understand each concept thoroughly.