This is a refresher course in Mathematics for students who studied Math and Physics through 12th grade high school, but have now forgotten many of the details. In less than 4 hours I review the Math you will need to understand quantum computing concepts.The focus is on getting you up to speed as quickly as possible. I cover what you need to know: Probability, Statistics, Boolean Logic, Complex Numbers, and Linear Algebra. You will not waste time on topics you do not need for quantum computing.To get the most out of this course, you need to have already studied Math at a 12th grade level in high-school. This is merely a review course to help you refresh your memory. If you have not studied these topics in high school, then this 4 hour course cannot substitute for 2 years of high school Math classes.This course reviews basic high-school Math. It doesn’t go into any details about quantum physics or quantum computing. Those topics will be discussed in subsequent courses of this series.