One of the most demanded skills in any industry is proficiency in Microsoft Word. While, the rest of the requirements may change depending on the occupation, Word has remained a constant across almost all careers.Microsoft Word is one of the most used word editor and is a part of Microsofts larger Office Suite. The latest version of Microsoft Word 2016 offers more improved functions such as Tell Me.From writing simple documents to essays, letters, resumes and even newsletters, Microsoft Word can be used for almost all your document writing and editing needs. In addition to writing, Word also gives you the freedom to change the text font, color and even add pictures to your documents.With Word, the sky is the limit! Do you want to learn how to master this complex document editor? Well, look no further! This course will break down and teach you Word in the EASIEST way possible.This SIMPLE, yet comprehensive Word 2016 course is the one-stop shop for learning and mastering Microsoft Word for any beginner. You will learn everything you need to know about Word and how to start using Word to increase your proficiency. From creating a simple document to learning more complex features, this course has got your back!Our Word course has been broken down into 11 different sections, each covering an aspect of Word and each section ending with a lab exercise and a Question and Answer document. You will not only learn how to create, edit, and save a document; but also more complicated functions of Word such as mail merge, macros and even indentations.The Word tutorial will also include understanding the components of a Word screen, getting started with Word, basic editing, formatting, sectioning, printing, adding clipart and images, adding bullets and numbering, incorporating tables, and so much more!With so much packed in this course, what are you waiting for? Lets get started on making you a Word Wiz.