Quick Mobile App Prototyping With Ionic Creator



Hey guys! In this course I will teach you all the necessary skills you’ll need to learn to be able to create your own mobile prototypes or fully functionalmobile apps that run on real iOS and Android devices.Are you just looking at getting going with an app idea that has been sitting in your head for sometime now? Have you looked for a developer and failed dismally because they charge too much or they just don’t take you oryour project / concept seriously? Have you been trying to learn how to develop apps yourself? but even though everyone says its easy, but still after months and months of learning, you still don’t feel confident or comfortable to get started on your own ideas? Well, worry no more, cause this courseis for you!Join me on this journey as I will show you how you can have your ownfully functioning mobile application running on your device in a matter of minutes, I kid you not!You’ll learn how to:BUILDPREVIEWSHAREas well as DEPLOY your apps to run NATIVELY on iOS and Android devices.