Quick Start Sax caters for all beginner saxophone players ranging in age from about 10 to 90 years old. It is NEVER too late to learn how to play saxophone.Learn saxophone fast. Within a week of practice, you will have learnt 12 notes, and will be trading 4s with me on the video, picking up some great phrases.You can use these online beginner saxophone lessons as a great start to learn how to play the sax. Or, you can use them as an addition to the sax lessons you might be having privately.We will be playing mostly by ear. Which means that you will copy the way I play, and that will soon give you a head start.This course concentrates on playing by ear! But also gives you the notes on the music stave, to slowly introduce the idea of reading music.As part of the course we have backing tracks as MP3 files that you can download, and played on your computer, or tablet. You also have permission to use them to record your sax over to impress your friends.We have a PDF booklet to download with the sax fingerings and history about the saxophone with extra videos to watch, via links.The call and response videos are designed to be played daily for fun, and the on screen graphics help you get the correct fingering.Start your sax journey today, be guided by me, I am 43 years ahead!!!!!!!!Simon Currie