Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job & Start Over – Start to Live Now



This course is for men and women who are serious about stopping being a victim of a bad job situation. They want to change, but they are a bitfearful and they don’t know how to even start planning a get out or an exit strategy..Now this course will get you started. Iwill teach you first how to start making your mind move in ways that help you gain the courage and confidence to make a move. Iwill teach you simple steps about how to act, dress, and perform that will begin to help you create a sense of mystery, and start to motivate you, and attract helpers so that you can move to another situation.Most importantlyIwill help you develop your story, and a powerful story card that will be your script and stage billing for seeking anew role, position, and career in your life and business.Stop being a victim of a soul-sucking job.Stan Hustad