Theimportance of data is undeniable withcompanies fighting over the right to your data. The power of data hasexceptionally grown intodays world where data offers everything you need toknow about a person or a potential future trend.Thishas companies scouring to find amazing data analysts that can helpthem make sense of the large sets of data available. Companies areusing this data to make decisions that can change the direction ofthe world.This is why R iscurrently one of the most important languages on the tech market. So,if you want to master R youve come to the right place!OurR course is taking you back to the basics to help you breakdown thedynamic and easy R programming language.In this course, we will cover the fundamentals you need to learn Rprogramming language, including the syntax, rules, how to write in R,the benefits of R programming language, how to work with large datasets and so much more!Thecourse has been designed for newbies as well as intermediateprogrammers who want to go back to the basics and want to refreshtheir knowledge regardingthe core concepts of R Programming Language.Thecourse will cover in-depth topics such as getting started with R, thelook and feel of R, installing R, downloading and working withvariables and packages, working with data sets, creating charts andstatistics, working with data including how to analyze the data,charts and statistics for association. Thecourse doesnt simply focus on the theory, but also on how toactually work with data by showing you the step-by-step process andhelping you build your own experimental programs. These will alsohelp you get some insight into how you can actually write programsusing R and how you can analyze data sets to create graphicalrepresentations of the data that you have.Atthe end of this course, youll have the knowledge as well as theconfidence to start working on analyzing large data sets and turningthem into data that makes sense. Enrollnow and become a master analyst with this basics course!