Reach Your Personal Financial Goals the Easy Way (2018 UK)



Knowing where to start to manage your finances can seem a complex process. This course gives you a process with information and tools to accomplish this simply. Avoid the costly financial advisory fees, and grow your money to become wealthy. You can become your own financial advisor because nobody cares more about your financial health than you do.Master the skills and knowledge to achieve financial successBudget your monthly expenditure Build an appropriate emergency reserve fund Calculate your protection needs and know how to protect you and your loved ones Plan your goals and financial aspirations Design an investment plan suitable for you Create an investment strategy using pension, savings and investments that work for you Calculate your projected pension and learn strategies to retire wealthy Take full advantage of tax benefits Assess and monitor your financial performance Achieve financial freedomThis course provides you with impartial information so you can make decisions relevant to you. It will educate you so you can ensure your protection needs are adequately met and help you to create an investment strategy appropriate to your circumstances. At the end of the course you will have the skills and knowledge so you can choose to be your own financial advisor.Ever wondered how rich people make their money work for them? Know how to make use of your tax benefits and allowances to reach your financial goals, improve your lifestyle and retire comfortably.An easy to follow journey planner will guide you through every step of the process. I have designed this programme so you know where to start and end to manage your money. I have curated this knowledge into short, to the point, factual lectures that will save you time getting the information you need fast.It does not matter what your level of financial experience and knowledge is. I am here to support you all the way.On the completion of this course you will be armed with the tools, skill and know-how to achieve the financial freedom and goals you strive for.Contents and OverviewThe course deals with ensuring all your protection needs are met properly before proceeding on the journey to creating an investment plan to meet your financial goals and aspirations. It begins by introducing you to the uniquely designed financial journey planner map. You are guided along the map all the way.It guides you to create a well protected financial plan, covering your monthly budget, creating an emergency reserve fund, calculating and dealing with your life and protection needs and will. From there you will complete a Money Fact Finder to define your goals and aspirations. Having done that, the next part takes you into retirement, savings and investment options and using the knowledge from that to create your investment plan to achieve your goals. You will calculate your projected pension on retirement and any shortfall that might exist.Along the journey you will learn valuable information to make the most of your tax benefits and allowances.At the end of the course you will also learn ways to assess your financial performance and benchmark your progress against industry standards.Who is the target audience?Employed and self-employed UK taxpayers People who cannot afford expensive Independent Financial Advisory fees People who want to manage their own finances using 2017/18 UK tax rules.