You take in more when you have fun doing it. We think learning is best refined by doing. The same is applicable to learning programming languages. When you do the activities and get your hands dirty, is the point at which you learn ideas as well as how to manage issues that can emerge at the point of coding. This is what our course, Building A professional Web Application with React JS course is aimed for. We not only believe in sharing the information, as well as we trust that learning ought to be entertaining. It shouldn’t be only a repetitive ordeal of memorizing, but actually should be really creative and enriching. Our new project won’t just acclimate you with the ideas of React JS, but will show you how to utilize those ideas in creating genuine real world applications. With a focus onsimplicityandreadability, this course centers around buildinga real world application in no time! In this course you will learn how to build a basic data driven web application with React JS. We will be taking you from start to finish in building your first mapping applications with react JS that takes GeoJson from the external API. If you take these concepts and use your own data set, you can create a similar version of this. We will also be providing you with the ideas of stretch goals for next steps when you are done, so that you can take the application to the next level. We will be guiding you through Javascript, React, ES6 , Git and Github for version control, these tools will help you to build your app professionally. We will guide you through the basics of building the application by finding an API and gauges of API with testing data from them. This course follows a non nonsense approach to app development. Start now and begin your React journey