This course is a complete view into building production ready applicationsusing Reactand Reactive Extensions!Reactis a view library created by Facebook that has taken the JavaScript community by storm over the last few years. It’s largely responsible for a paradigm shift in web development, emphasizing the creation ofreusable, modular components that are easy to understand and manipulate. Used properly, React can eliminate most, if not all, of the error-prone, long-winded, DOMmanipulation code you may have had to write in the past!Reactive Extensions (RXJS)is a library that allows us to write reactive code inJavaScript. As you’ll see in this course, RXJSand React go hand in hand to provide a complete, modern, easy to understand architecture for our applications. While we use RXJSin lieu of Redux or Flux, inspiration from both are heavily borrowed; so you will leave this course with a leg up in understanding the core principles of those patterns as well!This series is a project-based look at using all of the technologies that are becoming commonplace in the web development world. We use Gulp, WebPack, Babel, SASS, and Jasmine to put together a real-world asset pipeline that will support the development and deployment of our application.This course has four main sections:React Primer:we start with an introduction to React terminology and syntax by putting together a few simple applications.Asset Pipeline:next, we begin our main project in this course by wiring together Gulp, WebPack, Babel and SASS in order to create an asset pipeline that is necessary to support a React application.Project Client:the “meat”of this course;inthis section we build all of our client-side code, and use RXJS and Reacttoestablish the architecture that will support our project.Project Server: the final main section will focus on the creation of a socket-io server that will provide all of the server-side logic of our application.Finally, at the end of this course, we will deploy our application to afreeHeroku hosting account!The goal of this course is simple:to be astart to finish, end to end, complete look at how we can architect an application properly using modern patterns and techniques while takingadvantage of theReact library!