Read financial statements as a stock investor


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This course is to enable newbie or keen stock investors to arm with some basic skills in reading financial statements. The ability to read financial statements is the first step to be a good stock investor. It is a financial language that all stocks wannabe should aim to acquire to significantly augment the success rate in stock investments.When one comes across the financial statements of a stock, the first thing that an investor should do is to be able to identify whether that stock is a good stock or a bad one. If the stock is a good one, what makes the company successful. And if the stock is a lousy one, then what makes it to be bad. This course aims to arm you with just that, at least at the first level.As this is a course for the newbies and keen stock investors, we do not expect anything from the audience other than an enthusiastic learning mind to pick up some basic skills to increase your success rate in picking up stocks.This is a basic but powerful course. It takes only about 2 hours of your time to focus on the essentials taught in the lessons. Pick up some skills for just a song!