Reading & Study Habits: Home School, High School, or College



This course is all about reading comprehension, an important skill for school success, learning, and testing. Originally for home school students and homeschoolers, the course is expanded for high school and college students. The course presents the concept of “sustainable arrogance” to communicate the need for confidence and questioning when reading. These aid the physical connections in the brain that are the evidence of learning and knowledge retention. Lessons Include:Read to Organize, Comprehend, and ExtendHighlight Words as Anchors for IdeasFormulate Complete Stories or ConstructsDetermine How You would Organize to TeachTeach Someone ElseReading, note taking, learning, organizing, and teaching are presented. These represent a proven process for comprehension. Take this course in order to improve elements of the above that may be less well developed. Five core lessons are included with a review exercise for each. These review exercises challenge the student to apply what they have learned. The course can be completed in one sitting. We suggest that students utilize the review exercises even after completing the course. Apply them to your actual school reading assignments.The greatest challenge we see in reading comprehension is engagement with the reading. Some students have not learned how to make the abstract words tangible. This course offers the techniques and confidence to ask questions and make the words come to life.