Real Elections 2020


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This course demonstrates in a practical and logical set of steps to get our country back from the forces of tyranny in America who have stolen this country as the sole promise of democracy in this world that have been slowly stealing our freedoms and liberties, bit by bit over the past 50 years and how to REVERSE this trend toward oblivion and RESCUE our Democracy by holding Real Elections starting in 2020.  The course is the most patriotic call to action since the American Revolution of 1776.  Only patriots may participate.Real living examples of how we can solve this nation’s problems in a few months with far more safe, effective, and practical, and FREE solutions instead of decades of the eternal Blah-Blah-Blah that we get out of our politicians in both parties.They all make promises they know they can’t keep just to get their butts in the seats of power.  We are BETTER THAN THIS.  Prove your patriotism to the United States of America by taking this course TODAY.