The most comprehensivein-depth Ruby course is finally here!Beforeyou get down and dirty with Ruby, it might seem like a difficult tolearn language, but with this course, you will learn how simple Rubycan be to learn and how easy it can make your life. Rubywas designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a developer, who was frustratedwith add-on object-oriented programming features on Python. He soughta true OOP language that will allow him to write codes that are notonly easy to write, but also easy to read and execute. This gave thebirth to Ruby, which was designed on top of Lisp, with aspects fromother high-functioning languages such as Smalltalk and Perl.With our in-depthcourse, you will not only get acquainted with Ruby, but also becomeproficient with the language by the end of it.Thiscourse assumes that you have no prior knowledge of Ruby and starts atthe very beginning, helping you not only learn the fundamentals, butalso how to install Ruby on your system and working your way aroundthe language.Aperfect combination of theory and practical, this example packedcourse covers everything you need to help you not only get startedwith Ruby, but also actually start coding with this amazing language,where you will be able to start writing your first programs withRuby.Neatlybroken into 9 sections, this tutorial will help you understand thefundamentals and rules of Ruby, as well as how to utilize thebuilt-in-features that it comes with. It is not only a great coursefor newbies, but also a great refresher course for experienceddevelopers.Thecourse starts with an introduction to Ruby and its foundations,including how to install Ruby on your PC. From there, you will learnOOP features such as cycles, IF conditions, variables, classes,methods, inheritance, etc. Then, you will learn advanced Rubyconcepts such as blocks, callable objects, exceptions handling, filesystem, etc. Finally, you will learn amazing Ruby additions such asMetaprogramming and Ruby Gems. Withso much packed in one course, you will become a Ruby master in notime. Enroll now and lets boost your career with Ruby!