This course will have you look over my shoulder right into my code and browser as we rebuild the amazing site together.You'll be doing it yourself which is the BEST way to learn.How is this course divided?It's divided into 2 parts:Part 1: includes the fundamentals of HTML + CSS and a practical application of the code. (FREE)Part 2: is where we rebuild the front page of Pinterest. If you're interested in Part 2 you must complete this Part 1 first.Part 1 is essential before getting to Part 2.This Part is completely FREE!What we'll coverWe'll cover all the basics of HTML such as:How do you build a simple web page?How do you design and customize the look of a webpage?What about links, images and navigation menus?I got you covered.How long will this take?This course is 1 hour. Wow. You get to become a web design guru in 1 hour!How is this course structured?This course is broken down into 10 parts, but every section is connected and follows up from the previous. We'll stay together throughout the course step by step.Who should take this course?Wordpress developers, graphic designers, marketers, and anyone interested in being able to have the basic know how to tweak html and css should take this course. It's really important to know how to touch and handle HTML and CSS even if you use WordPress or Dreamweaver that does the work.I use WordPress and Dreamweaver all the time but I'm always tweaking the code and you'll need to also.If you're a graphic designer this is great for you because you'll learn some of the basics and you'll be able to turn your designs onto a web page without hiring a web developer.If you know a little something about HTML and CSS but you want to brush up to take the bull by the horn this is for you too.Who should not take this course?If you're already a code ninja this won't be for you.Cool NotesI recommend that you don't skip around because I'm walking you through the code step by step and I want to stay with you as you go through it.All these videos are in 720p HD and crisp so you will be able to CLEARLY see the code.What makes this course awesome is that you'll be able to look over my shoulder zoomed in so you follow me step by step. You'll also be able to see both the CODE and the Results in the browser side by side throughout each video. This will help you fully grasp what's happening.</p>