Record Great Sound At Home For Instructors & YouTubers



Note : The Price will go up to ( 99 $ ) again soon .( OVER Than 207 Instructors Enrolled In This Course )- Welcome in how to Record A Great Sound From Home Without A Studio .- In this course we will learn together how to Record a clear sound without Echo in home .- This course will help the Udemy Instructors to get a high quality sound without noise or Echo .- Very Useful and professional for Youtubers .- Quick high quality for Teachers and Instrcutors to record Online Courses .- This course will help the Udemy instructors to get approved quickly from Udemy Team ,and saving time from Re-recording the lectures .- You will save a lot of money and get a high quality and pure sound with cheap requirements without buy any expensive equipment's for Recording your Lectures .- Will help the Students to hear your voice clear and understand your content much better.- How to Make a high quality Filter for your mic using normal Headphone with fixed Mic and the Baby Diapers .- what is the free software that we will use to solve the Echo in the sound recording .- What is the recommended setting for Camtasia Studio to get a higher quality and clear sound .- How to Remove The Noise from your recorded sound or any sound you recorded before using the auto and manual filter in Camtasia Studio.- How to get a clear sound without Echo in your Room .- How to Fix the lower Sound volume and get a higher sound for your recordings without Distortions .