Traditional Usui Reiki level 3 Diploma course – this course is only available to students who have completed level one and two Reiki with Deborah Casey of Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy.THIS COURSE IS SCHEDULED TO BE REPRODUCED IN 2020 Learning is through a variety of means utilising power point presentation, full pdf manual and demonstration videos.Your course is certified and approved by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists and also by International Holistic Therapy which allows you to apply for membership onto their professional practitioner registers.  The course is online study, with student support with life time access to the training guides.  What students learn on this course?Reiki is a universal gift.  It is available to all and applicable to every area of life.  This healing modality is based in Japanese culture and embodies five precepts.  With level 3 Reiki you deepen your connection to Divinity.  You will have released many burdens and people will notice you seem different but unsure how.  You will emanate a brighter light and you will feel different too.  As time passes you begin to feel in a state of freer flow of ease and any further residual blocks and burdens will lift easily and without much care.  Your true nature of love and peace are now fully activated and you will be receiving “messages from the Universe”.  This course attunes the student to the Master Symbol; this sacred symbol is the highest of energetic vibrations and so the most transformative.  This symbol heals at the souls level; soul wounds are carried deep inside the being and buried under years and layers of distraction.  Many soul wounds arise from trauma and lead to addictive and compulsive patterns of behaviour.  The Master symbol is  the most sacred Reiki symbols and the main purpose of using this symbol is for empowerment, enlightenment, unity and wakening of the soul.  This symbol connects the soul and spirit to the physical.You will sense the presence of “angelic” forces who are here to aid and guide you so much more freely.  Even those who are ready to transition to back to God source or Creator will feel such inner peace in your presence as you continue to deepen your practice.  Should there be trauma and inner child wounds these will have begun to heal with the earlier levels of Reiki and with level three the wisdom and gifts will be found… Are you Ready to begin lifting and elevating your energetic vibration and frequency further?  Then enrol today and learn Reiki, receive attunements that connect you to Universal source energy and connect to that inner Divinity and show your true being of love.  And if youre not happy with what you learn then you have this one guarantee a 30 day money back guarantee.Shinpinden is the Master level of your Reiki journey; there are three levels in Traditional Usui Reiki and this is what is taught here.  The cornerstone of traditional Japanese Reiki are the three levels of learning (Shoden, Okuden and Shinpinden) and the  five elements below:Gokai; Reiki preceptsKokyu ho; Reiki meditation and technique’sTenohira; Hands on healingShirushi and Jumon; Reiki symbols and mantrasReiju and initiation/attunementsIn your Shinpinden course you will learn the Reiki master symbols, book your distance attunement appointment and receive attunement to the Reiki master symbol, learn how to invoke the symbol.  You will learn various additional healing methods including Psychic surgery, Koki ho and Hatsuri ho.  You will be using Reiki with this master symbol.  You will learn how to attune others to Reiki and pass on the blessings of Reiki to others.  In the resource section there is a full Reiki Master manual to download and print off for personal use.  The benefits of this course are numerous for the dedicated student who wants to change lives:learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, Attunement via distance energetic transmission Access to healing meditations and prayerlearn to heal yourself and recover from soul wounds and take back your lifelearn to heal your family and friendsaccept paying clients – teaching Reiki to other people and attuning them to Reiki Elevate your energy, address negativity, karma, psychic attack and so much more…The only coursework is to participate in the healing meditations, receive attunements, keep a journal and allow yourself to live a happy and fulfilling life AND provide 10 case study’s and final exam.Receive your Reiki Master Teacher certificate from your Reiki master teacher along with lineage papers which you receive after submission and assessment of your case study’s and final exam.  These are provided 8 weeks after course completion and case study’s and final exam is completed.