The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ALL about IDENTIFYING, EVALUATING and REMOVING any RISKS in your business associated with the way it gathers and uses the personal information of individuals.The power of this course lies in the unique structured and staged approach it takes doing just this. This consists of:Identifying ALL risks that exist in the way that you gather or use personal information.Evaluating these risks and developing viable actions to remove them.Removing all of these risks by implementing these actions while, at the same time, creating an audit trail showing what you did and updating relevant business processes to prevent recurrence of these risks.This course is unique in its blend of the theoretical and the practical.On the theoretical side, it explains in plain, non-legalese all of the major elements and terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that you will need to understand in order to enable you to have confidence that the 5-step approach of the course will lead you safely to GDPR Compliance. On the practical side, the course starts off by explaining how to establish whether or not GDPR applies to your business. If it does apply, the course then provides you with a highly pragmatic and proven 5-step process to achieve GDPR Compliance. This is laid out step-by-step so that you can follow it without the need to learn any additional special skills or without the need to engage any expensive external consultants.Broad AudienceThis blend of theoretical and practical makes it ideal for a broad audience that includes:Solopreneurs and small to medium business owners who want to be able to get their own businesses GDPR Compliant without the need for expensive external consultants.Consultants and contractors who are working on, or about to start, a GDPR project on behalf of their clients.Consultants and contractors who want to start offering GDPR Readiness services to their clients.Hands-On ActivitiesThe course is packed with practical activities and worked examples to help reinforce your learning at every stage.It also includes comprehensive templates and example documentation from a real-life GDPR Compliance project to guide and support you. Not Merely a Training CourseThis is not MERELY a Training Course, it is equivalent to a COMPLETE GDPR Project for your business. This means that, if you work through all the lectures and complete all of the assignments then, by the end of this course, not only will you have LEARNED all about how to do a GDPRCompliance project, you will actually have completed one for your own business.Categories of Personal DataThere are five categories of Personal Data defined within GDPR, which are:Basic Personal DataDescriptive Personal Data Organization-related identifying Personal DataAbsolutely identifying Personal Data Sensitive Personal Data The course describes clearly what each of these is.Risks to Personal DataGDPR is essentially about identifying and eliminating all potential or actual risks that exist to Personal Data in any business.The whole approach of this course is to provide you with an easy-to-follow and highly practical process and a set of documentation that will enable you to do precisely this.Audit TrailA key component of any successful GDPR Compliance project is a comprehensive Audit Trail that will enable both business management and GDPR regulators to be confident that all risks to Personal Data that existed in the business have been identified, assessed and effectively removed.The highly effective approach of this course enables you to create a comprehensive audit trail as an integral part of working through the 5-step approach, without any additional, effort.GDPR RolesThe Course describes all of the key legal Roles within GDPR that all business owners need to be aware and how to identify which of these your business plays.Automated ProcessingGDPR has strict conditions on whether or not a business can use an individuals Personal Data to make automated decisions. The course explains what these are and how they effect the way you use personal data.Is it Mandatory to Provide Personal DataThe course explains how, under some circumstances, it might mandatory for an individual to provide Personal Data to your business and what you need to do when this is the case.Transferring Data InternationallyGDPR has very strict conditions regarding transferring Personal Data internationally and the course explains what you need to do to comply with the requirements.The Rights of the IndividualAn individual has eight fundamental rights under GDPR regarding how their personal data can be collected and processed, which are:The right to be informed.The right of access.The right of rectification.The right to erasure.The right to restrict processing.The right to data portability.The right to object.Rights regarding automated decision making and profiling.The course explains each of these rights in detail. Legal Right to Process Personal DataUnder GDPR, you need to have a lawful basis for processing any Personal Data. There are six available lawful categories and the course explains what each of these is.Privacy StatementIf you follow all of the steps in the course, your business will be GDPR Compliant. You should now let all your current and prospective clients know this by creating and publishing a privacy statement. The course walks you step-by-step through how to do this and provides you with a real-life example of what a good Privacy Statement looks like.Further InformationIf you need any further information then please contact us