Thank you for your interest in this course, my name is Yohann, I will be your instructor. If youve ever tried to make a mobile app, you know how hard it can be especially if youre missing a step, you could get stuck for hours or even days, and you will end up giving up. Now youve come to the right place. With This course we give you the full source code of the Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone, a game that made it 2nd in the apple app store worldwide! This source code license already cost $200 on its own and youre getting it with this course! I show you every single step you need to start, and Im assuming you know nothing or very little,and Im gonna help you succeed having your very own game, published in the app store, without having to write not even one single line of code! Ill show you everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING, from getting a developer license to creating graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, finding free graphics,the process to submit your game to the app store, and a lot more! Now, These skills are priceless, and I can assure you that in the future, you will thank yourself for having taken this course. Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention that the game that you will publish will bring you passive income because weve integrated advertising banners and in-app purchases right out of the box. This is a great course, with an addictive game source code, make the right decision and join us now. Ill talk to you in the classroom.