Responsive Android UI design was designed to take you from a novice UI designer to an expert. The strategy used here is super amazing even a 10 year old can follow along and make something great out of it.Im going to reveal to you in a step-by-step approach the secrets of pro designers to bootstrap, design, and build fluid and responsive UI for Android applicationsBasically, well be focusing on using the handy key nuts and bolts and putting them in the right spots to create an appealing, responsive and user centric UI for Android.It was carefully paced with some practical quizzes in between a detailed session to extract the knowledge gathered so far to solve the little but result oriented quizzes.At the end of each section of the course, youre provided with quizzes and solution to the quizzes to help you get a better understanding of the concept and have a great deal of practical knowledge of the section. This will also help you internalize the knowledge youve got so far. As they say, practice makes perfect.So after taking this course, you will be able to create very appealing User interface from scratch using Linear-layouts, Relative-layout and most importantly Constraint-layout; You will be able to build UI that responds to all the screen sizes, from Android TV, tablet sand phones by combining color, Layout and typography.You’ll be tempted to design from landing page to detail page of your favorite apps that you thought was out of the ordinary. I suggest you start with WhatsApp or Gmail –mindblowing, right?At the end of this course, itll be like a piece of cake (youll only need to put in the hours and not restrained by lack of skills).So welcome and let’s enjoy the ride!