Learn how HTML andCSS can be used to create a modern website from scratch. Source Code is included for students to work alongside the instruction provided within the course demonstrating how to build a custom mobile ready responsive website from scratch. Learn HTML and how HTML is used to develop a webpage structure. Create a wire-frame sketch of a website watch it get created from scratch using HTML and CSS.This course covers the basics of HTML and CSS, some pre knowledge of using these languages is required before taking this course. Its fast paced and jumps right into coding with examples and sample code.This course covers the complete step by step process of building a website. Apply CSSto transform the HTML code into a modern website. By the end of this course you will be able to create a website from scratch. Step by step instuction using HTMLand CSS to build your website. Source Code is included.Create a wire frame sketch of how you want you site to lookGet placeholder content to design your websiteAdd CSSto HTMLun-ordered list and transform it into a navigation menuadd logos and imagescreate and style buttonsfixed menu at the top zindexdebug and tweak your website before launchI’m here to help you learn about web design and ready to answer any questions you may have.When you are ready lets start building a custom website from scratch.