Are you tired of boring, outdated, incomplete, or incorrect tutorials? I say no more to copy-pasting code that you dont understand.Welcome to one of the best resources online on creating REST APIs. I’m Jose, and I’m a software engineer; here to help you truly understand and develop your skills in web and REST API development with Python, using Flask.Production-ready REST APIs with FlaskThis course will guide you in creating simple, intermediate, and advanced REST APIs including authentication, deployments, caching, and much more.We’ll start with a Python refresher that will take you from the very basics to some of the most advanced features of Pythonthat’s all the Python you need to complete the course.Using Flask and popular extensions Flask-RESTful, Flask-JWT, and Flask-SQLAlchemy we will dive right into developing complete, solid, production-ready REST APIs.We will also look into essential technologies Git, Heroku, and nginx.You’ll be able to…Create resource-based, production-ready REST APIs using Python, Flask, and popular Flask extensions;Handle secure user registration and authentication with Flask.Using SQLAlchemy and Flask-SQLAlchemy to easily and efficiently store resources to a database; andUnderstand the complex intricacies of deployments and the performance of Flask REST APIs.But what is a REST API anyway? Put simply, a REST API is an application that accepts data from clients and returns data back. With the data, it can do many things. For example, a REST API we build in this course accepts text data from the client, processes it and stores it in a database, and then returns some data back so the client can show something to the user.When working with REST APIs, the client is usually a web app or mobile app. That’s in contrast to web apps, where the client is usually the user themselves.I pride myself on providing excellent support and feedback to every single student. I am always available to guide you and answer your questions.I’ll see you on the inside. Let’s take another step toward REST API mastery!