Perfect course for beginners to explore how to setup a Restful API!GET, POST, PUT, DELETEThis starter course demonstrates how to setup a Restful API from scratch. Using just your local computer you can follow the step by step lessons to setup your own local server and run JavaScript code. JavaScript experience is required – This course is designed for students who want to learn about node.js and how to create projects with Node. Its perfect for anyone who wants to practice coding by building out a simple web application. Learn everything you need to setup a localhost, resources to work with node, setup a SQLite database, setup routes for CRUD and a whole lot more.All the resources are provided along with source code to get you started quicklyTechnology used within the course:Frontend AJAX requests will be using jQuery AJAXFront end web page dynamic elements from JSON data using jQueryHTML and CSS for presentation of front end applicationNodeJS will be used for back end serverNPM packages include nodemon, express,bodyParser,sqlite3Database is at the end usingSQLite – SQLite setup files are included*Editor BracketsBrowser Chrome DevToolsJavaScript for everything else……Lessons cover the following:Explore how the terminal can be used to setup a backend server using Node.js. Command line interface simple commands will be used to navigate and seutp folders.Introduction to the Node Package Manager and how you can use it to get pre built code and bring it easily into your projects.Create your start files and learn how you can run node.js filesexplore Node modules and how they workinto your main app fileLearn how to setup an http server using node ready for localhostExplore getting file content and reading it as dataPower Up your node application withExpress and NodemonAPI web resources Postman CRUDUse BodyParser to get post dataFind out howMiddleware app use worksApply logic with conditional statement to create a login checkSetup your application for static frontend files index.htmlGet back to the frontend with JavaScript and html. bringing both togetherRequests and responses to the server and webpageSetup your routes for aRestful API GET POSTPUTDELETEUse data to output to pageCode refactoring with a helper fileUpdating with adding a SQLite Database to hold dataSource code is included to get you started quicklyStep by step instruction, with friendly help always available in the Q&A sectionTaught by an instructor with many years of web development experience, ready to help you learnWhat are you waiting for join now and learn to setup your own RestFul API.RESTful :Representational State Transfer (REST) When HTTP is used, as is most common, the operations available are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and other predefined CRUD HTTP methods.