This is a very practical video course aimed at beginner Java developers to help them build their very first RESTful Java Web Service with JAX-RS and Jersey framework as well as implement features like:User sign up,User sign in,Token base authentication. Students will also learn how to encrypt user providedpassword, generate apublic user id which is safe to pass around the networkin HTTPRequests,and how to generate and securely store as well asvalidate a secure access token,Protect RESTful WebService endpoints,Update database records by implementing Update User Profile details feature,and learn how toDelete database records,Implement Email Verification feature using Amazon AWS SES(Simple Email Service)Students will learnhow to use Postman HTTPclient software to send:HTTPPOST, GET, DELETE and PUT requests, as well as how to set neededHTTPHeaders. We will also cover how to:Send data to your RESTful WebService via HTTP Body andHow to pass datavia URLQuery String andas a Path parameterYou will also learn how to make your RESTful Web Service accept and respond backwithJSON or XMLmedia type.This video course alsoteaches how toinstall needed software on local computerto be able to build RESTful Java Web Service as well as:How to start up your own Linux server in Amazon cloud( AWSEC2),Install needed software on a remote EC2 instance and finally,How deploy created WebService on AWS EC2 instance.Please notethat even thoughthisvideo course covers all of the above mentioned, it is not a comprehensive guide that covers, in little details, all and everythingabout buildingWeb Services. There are still things to be learned. But you will definitely benefitand gain by learning the above mentioned material.