*** A Consistently Top Rated Course in this Category (min. 50+ Reviews)  that consistently gets 5 stars!  ***”An impressively practical, action-oriented, and rich course. I have a highly rated LinkedIn profile already but learned all sorts of new ways of making it better. This is the best course I’ve reviewed, and I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn.” – DK”   – This really helped me. Got a nice resume which got me my dream job after implementing steps on the video” – Fabinu”The LinkedIn Strategy is outstanding with his understanding of SEO and profile optimization.” – K.F.”Great, exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!!!” – Rodrigo Vilela”While I bought this course for LinkedIn profile optimization (which is AWESOME!), it delivers career development planning (via “Pivot” download) that I hadn’t thought about. …. Great, comprehensive guide. More than I expected.” – Anonymous”Awesome! Helped me increase my profile views by 150% and connected me with three recruiter/hiring manager interviews per week. I attribute this course to getting my new job at the second largest IT firm in the world. The recruiter found me on LinkedIn!.” – T.S.If you are ready for a change, a change in thinking, a change in your approach, and a change in your results (aka, a new job or career), then keep reading.  This is unlike any other “Resume Writing” course out there! – I use data to “Flip-the-System” and get Recruiters to pursue YOU! I increased my LinkedIn 90-Day Profile Views from 150 to over 400+ using the techniques taught in this course, and so can you!First, you have to start thinking like a marketer or salesperson and view the job search as a series of stages. If you don’t succeed in any stage, then you won’t proceed to the next stage deeper in the process. Here is a simplified representation of the stages in the job search funnel:      Drafting a Resume/LinkedIn Profile    Appearing in Searches by Recruiters (or getting through ATS Bot filters for online Resume submissions)    Getting Recruiters to click into/view your Profile or Resume    Earning a communication inquiry from a Recruiter (e.g. email message and screening call)    Interview with a hiring manager (multiple rounds possible here)    Offer    Acceptance (includes negotiation)We’ll divide these stages into two parts of the funnel: Top of Funnel (TOF) and Bottom of Funnel (BOF), with TOF encompassing steps #1-#4, and BOF including steps #5-#7.  So, where do you think makes the most sense to put your efforts first TOF of BOF? Below you’ll see a data-driven example that clearly surfaces where you need to put your focus first, and why it is a multiplier of your efforts.But first, I want to respect your time and be totally transparent. If you are looking for an “all-in-one” (Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, interview, negotiation course) then this course isn’t for you. WHY? Think of your job search as a funnel: you have to succeed at each step to improve your end conversion rate (did you get the job?). First, you need to optimize the “top” of your job search funnel; are you getting more INQUIRIES (aka “leads” or INTERVIEWS with Recruiters). This is what your Resume and LinkedIn Profile deliver. Without fixing this FIRST, you can be the greatest interviewer, but it WON’T matter. Make sense? If you agree, then you are starting to think like a digital marketer, and in this digital age, you HAVE TO think like a digital marketer to succeed. Your competitors and the Resume filter “bots” are already employing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles, without them you don’t have a chance. Let’s look at a simplified data-driven example around Recruiters’ interaction with your LinkedIn Profile:Top of Funnel steps #2-#4 (Appearance in Searches, Profile Views, Inquiries) –> Bottom of Funnel #5 (Interviews) Note: %’s indicate the conversion rate or what percent of Recruiters advance you to the next stage1000 Recruiters x 20% Appearance in Searches (=200) x 20% Profile View AKA click-thru rate (=40) x 25% Inquiries (=10) x 10% Interviews (=1)If you double the “Bottom of Funnel” Interview rate from 10% to 20%, by only focusing on your Interview skills (e.g. buying an Interviewing course or an “all-in-one” course because it contains an interview section), you now go from 1 to 2 interviews.  Instead, with this course, you improve the “Top of Funnel” first. For simplicity, we’ll say you get the same “double” improvement that we used for the “Bottom of Funnel” example above for “Top of Funnel” (e.g. 20% Appearance in Searches & Profile Views goes to 40%, 25% Inquiries goes to 50%):1000 Recruiters x 40% Appearance in Searches (=400) x 40% Profile View AKA click-thru rate (=160) x 50% Inquiries (=80) x 10% Interviews (=8)  You now get 8 Interviews instead of 2. That’s a 400% increase!!! Clearly, focusing on Top of Funnel is a more urgent need and delivers 4x the results. Focus your time now on what will deliver the greatest results moving forward.Objection: “But I want to improve my Interview skills first, so I won’t squander these additional opportunities.” Why this is WRONG: Get started fixing your Resume/LinkedIn Profile FIRST, as it will take time to implement, THEN work on your Interview skills once you get the first iteration of your Fully Optimized Profile/Resume completed, which you’ll have by the end of this course. Rome was not built in a day and neither will be your perfect Resume/Profile.”Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonUnderstand the difference between what other Resume Writing courses “say” and look at the results that my actions have delivered over a 90-day period (the KPI LinkedIn uses): 1,070 Appearance in Searches!  436 Profile Views!!!          (Do you know your 90-day metrics?)If you aren’t getting anywhere near this volume of traffic, then you need this course!Who am I?I’m a data-driven marketer who implemented these same SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics into my Resume and LinkedIn Profile that I used as an acquisition marketer and the results were dramatic – up to three or more Recruiter contacts on some days, and I attracted and secured my then dream job as Head of Marketing at a FinTech startup. Here is what you can expect: Short, concise and digestible lessons built with the beginner in mind – I use definitions, not jargonBite-size “Action Items” at the end of each lesson to ensure you make progress with just a few minutes of workNot just a Resume writing course – you will learn new search & internet marketing skills that will benefit you forever in any business online for the rest of your lifeData-driven SEO approach delivers results (new way) – not anecdotes from a Recruiter (old way) DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TAKING A COURSE TAUGHT BY A RECRUITER – WAAAAY TOO SUBJECTIVE – NOT DATA-DRIVEN!To clarify, I didn’t have to submit my Resume for mediocre roles, I had “cracked the code” and figured out how to get Recruiters to pursue ME for some incredible opportunities; I had “Flipped the System!” Granted, your new and improved fully optimized Resume will also get you more interviews for any jobs that you apply for online.  Employing these same principles, I have helped several people achieve these same results. Stop submitting Resumes into the “black hole” of online applications, where bots filter out upwards of 70% of Resumes due to a low relevancy score. Work smarter – appear at the top of Recruiters searches, entice Recruiters to click into your Profile, and pre-qualify yourself by wowing them with a thoughtfully crafted story of your successes. You’ll learn it all in this course. At the end of this course you will have:A professional caliber Resume valued at $1,500 – bypass the filter bots and get more INQUIRIESA fully optimized LinkedIn Profile (or at least a good start on this iterative journey) – appear HIGHER in searchesThe confidence to research more Keywords that Recruiters are searching for – appear in MORE searches for more KeywordsA memorable Tagline that will entice Recruiters to click into your Profile more often – MORE Profile VIEWSA razor smart Profile/Resume that tells your career arc with success bullets – use DATA to get more INTERVIEWS (a recent survey of Recruiters on my “The Perfect Resume” blog series surfaced this as the #1 most important Resume element).If you complete all the “Action Items” and you don’t see an immediate increase in your “Appearance in Searches” and “Profile Views” KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), then contact me on this platform and I’ll offer some personal suggestions. If you are still not 100% happy, I offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert EinsteinStop the insanity of conducting your job search the same way you’ve been doing for years. Sign-up for “Flip-the-System,” start working smarter, getting better results, and let’s build the future you want together, one “Action Item” at a time!