1st in my series of Udemy courses on mastering data cleaning in the age of bigdataIf you’re like me, you have a curious mind but limited time to learn data cleaning.But, your datacareer is in your hands. Stand outby making data transformations that are simple to use and quick. This lets companies make better businessdecisions, faster. People noticeand it provides youwith a solid career.Microsoft has the best tool to do this. Its called Excel Power Query. Want to use it like I do and improve your data career opportunities? This is the course youshould take.Introduce Yourself To Excel Power Query To Strengthen Your Data Analytics CareerCreate fast, repeatable data transformations that improve Excel analysis and reportingUse the Power Query Editor and its many push-button, formula and multi-query functionsChange ‘dirty’ data to ‘clean’ data in a structured andreliable wayInstall the Power Query add-in for Excel on your computer and get monthly feature updatesPower Query has many features – – this course does not cover everything but provides a solid foundation so you can navigate the ribbons and learn more on yourown____________________________________________________________________________________________Comments from students:”Simple and to the point. If you’re unsure of where to begin with Power Query, this is the course to take. Thank you!” – Cynthia S.”Bravo! I love every video in this course. Mr. Burke is a true teacher – He seems to know the learning pain points of students and then simplifies and arranges the lessons for maximum learning.” – Aisha I.”Well summarized and articulate. Be sure to do the little exercises to fully grasp the concepts.” – Rudi P._______________________________________________________________________________________________Become a more valuable professional. Spending less time manipulating data& more time analyzing it.The explosion of data ischanging thebusiness world at an accelerating rate. Power Query is the perfect analytics tool for helpingcompanies manage their data. Learning this awesome power is within everyone’s reach. Let me prepare you for a career that will evolve as this new world evolves.Learn secrets and strategies to save countless hours and avoid the mistakes I oncemadeUnique video presentations transfer the most important knowledge from me to youModules explain the theory behind the techniques and show demonstrations of their useThis investment in learning Power Query will be the best you can make! It will pay you back every single time you use it. It will pay you back every single time you use it.The career enhancing power of learning Power Query is amazing. It’s time to see the tremendous benefits.