2nd in my series of Udemycourses on mastering data cleaning in the age of bigdataEvery day is training day! Think about how the data explosion is changing analytics and your career prospects. You can join the fun by learning to createsimple but powerfulBI data transformations.Microsoft has the right tool for to do this. Its called Power BI Query Editor. Want to learn how to use it and have more career opportunities? You are in the right place!Learn and Master Power BI Query EditorTo Strengthen Your Data Analytics CareerIf you’re like me,you want the best data possible ‘feeding’your Power BIvisualizations . . .create fast, repeatable data transformations that improve Power BI analysis and reportingpush-button, formula and multi-query functionschange’dirty’data into clean,structured data for better dashboards and visualizationsthe perfectcourse fornewPower BI users who need to increase their Query Editor and career skillsControl your data instead of letting it control you_______________________________________________________________________________________________Some comments from students:”I feel so empowered by this course! Thank you soooo very much for delivering this masterpiece of a course in an easy to digest manner; and I hope to see more courses from you!” – Aisha I.”Step by Step mastery course! Really worth.” – Prabhakar K.”Very clear instructions and a great way to expand into data analysis.” – Kenneth L._______________________________________________________________________________________________My simple strategies will save hours and let you avoid data cleaning mistakes. Here they are in this unique course!I GUARANTEE your investment in learning Power BI Query Editor will be the best you can make! It will pay you back every time you use it.I will respond to all questions so you can use these simple strategies in a fool-proof wayThe careerpower of learning Power BI Query Editor is amazing. It’s time for youto see the benefits.Let’s get started!- Doug