Outline your entire short story romance, with your own characters, setting, and plot in the quickest amount of time possible using your new secret weapon: Fiction Formula.As you analyze each word of this document you will shortly feel a sense of excitement at the possibility of actually accomplishing your goal of becoming a writer. 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There are few original ideas these days, because there doesn’t have to be.Why struggle having to create a romance plot from scratch, when all you have to do is follow a proven romance outline, and drop in your own plot, characters, and setting?Short Story Outlines – Romance is a shell to the perfect romance story. All it needs to become a best seller, is your idea, your unique characters, and your ideal setting.No two stories are a like, just as no two writer’s are alike.And to prove this is possible, we’ll supply you with the following tools:A complete 6 scene short story.No longer do you have to try and come up with an actual plot that works! This plot will work for anyone, just drop in your characters, setting, and your own creativity and you’re all set!Plot Checklist WorksheetWant to get an overall picture of the entire plot? No problem, you’ll receive the plot checklist worksheet that provides you a big picture of how the story progresses.Scene Development WorksheetConcerned you don’t have the knowledge to properly understand how to construct a scene? Don’t be. With this scene development worksheet, all you have to do is read the story prompts and fill in the blanks with your own story idea. It’s easy!Character Trait WorksheetWondering how to create believable characters? It’s really not that tough, and this characters trait worksheet explains how each of your characters play a certain role in your story. Just read the role and keep your character true to the trait, and you’re off and running!6 Share Your Work SectionsNever run short of inspiration or motivation with a powerful group of writers just like yourself behind you. In this class, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the group and to share your experiences, struggles, and successes as you progress through each scene. You’ll get your best idea’s from other students!Still wondering if it’s possible?Below is a short list of what my students have said about my plot outlines:Thank you (5 stars) 1 year ago.A detailed course, that is easy to follow. The outline detailed is comprehensive and adaptable.Good Outline Help (5 stars) 2 years ago.I like the way all the information as kept generic. he called characters by their functions (like protagonist, Emotion, Reason). This allowed me to think in terms of my characters without any biasing or cooling of characters he may have used. With a few tweaks, I actually think this plot will help me with an adventure novel Im writing.If Michael comes up with another outline for another genre, I will sign up.Takes the Mystery Out, to Put the Mystery In (5 stars) 4 months agoMichael hands us a template where much of the complexity is reduced so that I can focus on the more personal stuff of my story. I can plug in my characters and have a good idea where they need to goExcellent, practical course. (5 stars) 4 months agoI have written and published several non-fiction and childrens books. Now I am writing scripts and fiction. This course is a deep dive into how to outline your fiction story from beginning to end. I heartily recommend it!Bonuses:Order this month and Ill also include a free review of your ENTIRE Romance idea PRIOR to beginning the course to help you get the most of the outline. Just jot down your basic ideas with some questions you may have as you begin the course, and I’ll respond with my own thoughts on how I would proceed if I were you.I’ll also include a free review of your ENTIRE Romance outline upon completion of the course. I’ll read your outline and give you my own personal thoughts on where you might need some additional detail, or information to make the actually writing of your story easier.With a 30 day money backguarantee, you know you must be satisfied or you’ll get all yourmoney back.Sincerely,Mike DicksonP.S. As this page nears the bottom, there’s never been a better and least expensive time to become a romance writer. Order this course now.