Important – This is the second course in a three part series. If you have not taken Romance Short Story – Creative Writing Outlining Series 1, do not start here. Go to Romance Short Story – Creative Writing Outlining Series 1.Discover The Bizarre Method To Outline A Romance Short Story In Only 1 Week Without Years of Study Or Previous Experience Or Even Any Experience As A Writer! This Course Reveals The Closely Guarded Hollywood Secret To Writing Already Proven Storylines In Just Days! Is It An Unfair Advantage? One Trick Lets You Skip Years of Study and Hard Word Developing Your Own Storyline In Just Days – Experts Say This Shouldnt Work, But It Does! In The Next 5 Minutes Ill Shatter The Biggest Lies In Fiction Writing, And Show You How To Use The Same Kind of Outlines Authors Use To Get A Jump Start On Their Stories, And Use Them Over and Over Again!Since I discovered this secret in August 2013, Ive shown over 1200 writers how to do the same thing. 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This course is a deep dive into how to outline your fiction story from beginning to end. I heartily recommend it!Mike Dickson hands us a template where much of the complexity is reduced so that I can focus on the more personal stuff of my story. I can plug in my characters and have a good idea where they need to go, thus helping me to keep from going off the rails, as it were. Whether for the A Story or B Story within the novel, this can be woven into any number of genres. Now it’s time for me to start writing! Thanks for the welcome push in the right direction!Exactly what I am looking for. This is a goldmine for new writers. Thank You!Introducing, the closely guarded secret that Hollywood screen writers and fiction authors used to turn out outline after outline in weeks, not years. No one outside the inner circle believe this was possible. 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