Course DescriptionLearn the basics and create a simple Ruby on Rails Application in one hour.Learn the Foundations to Creating a Rails AppCreating PagesInstalling GemsCreating a DatabaseUsing online tools (Bootstrap) to easily add contentAdd LinksThe Best Web development Framework Out ThereRuby on Rails has become one of the most used and well known web development frame works. Creating websites are so simple that you can easily give your prototype to a developer and there wouldn't be much of a problem for them to easily take over and continue modifying it. Or just create it and lauch it from your own sever.Course OverviewIf you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to make a simple website for an idea but don't want to get too deep into programming this is for you. After this course you will be able to create your own prototype website. If you are a beginner this is a great way to practice some of the basics.