Are you ready to start building professional web applications? Over a decade of programming experience has taught me that the best way to learn how to code is to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles and then learn from building real world projects, and that’s exactly what this course does. Beginning with setting up your local development environment and ending with deploying your production application to the web, this course gives a detailed walk through on:Creating applicationsUsing the Rails consoleGenerating scaffoldsRunning advanced database queriesHow to configure RESTful routesConfiguring viewsBuilding out the full Model/View/Controller architectureWorking with multiple database optionsCreating custom algorithmsBuilding a file uploader connected to a CDNWorking with Ruby gem librariesIntegrating authenticationAnd much more.This course differs from others because it not only teaches you how to build an application, it focuses on giving developers an in depth understanding of the web framework itself so that you can take your new knowledge and build any type of application. With the course organized so that each video teaches a specific feature, you can use them in the future as a reference when you want to build out a specific functionality. The course was engineered to ensure you will be able to learn the material:With over 6.5 hours of video lecturesAccess to the project’s source codeQuizzes at the end of each sectionAnd I will be your personal code mentor, answering every question you have as you go through the course to ensure you can complete it successfully and that you have an extensive understanding of the materialAfter you complete the course and quizzes you will be given a Ruby on Rails Foundations certificate of completion and you will be on your way to becoming a professional Rails developer!