RxJS – Mastering Observables, Subjects and Operators



With almost 20Kstars on GitHub, Reactive X for Javascipt (or RxJS) is one of the web’s hottest and fastest-growing libraries.If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably aware that a large percentage of Angular applications use RxJS under the hood. BUT, for most of your life, maybe evenup until this very moment, you probably thought RxJS was confusing.. hard even!How wrong you were!In this course, I teach you that RxJS isn’t hard!By the end of it, you’ll be using RxJS like a pro!In this course, you’ll learn RxJS by…Observing informative and carefully prepared slidesHearing every concept explained in base terms by the code whispererCoding along in five separate demo clips (all the necessary tools to code along at home are provided!)Working with the exclusiveRxJS Playground provided to users of this courseThere’s no doubt that the following topics, all of which are covered, will make you more valuable to any agile Angular team:RxJS Observables and ObserversRxJS Subjects, BehaviorSubjects (An Angular Favorite!)and Replay SubjectsRxJSOperatorsAdvantages and Disadvantages of ReactiveXIn fact, I’m so confident in this course, I’m going to GUARANTEEall of the following statements – if you feel any don’t match up with YOURreality, get a 100% refund via Udemy’s refund policy, no questions asked!You WILLfeel more confident in job interviews involving Angular or RxJSYou WILLintegrate more quickly and effectively into teams using this techologyYou WILLfeel more confident around async code in general and be more capable of differentiating the advantages and disadvantages of promises, enumerators, etcYou WILLlearn and have fun!What more can Isay?Can anyone offer ANYTHING better than a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee?Take advantage of the special price listed and sign up TODAY!!- the Code Whisperer