Did you know that HALF of all workers did not negotiate their last salary?  Here’s why: The thought of negotiation makes them nervous, they don’t know how to find their worth, they’re afraid of losing the offer, and they simply don’t know what to say. Unfortunately, they’re leaving thousands, even millions on the table.  How would you like to have an extra $5,000?  I surveyed former students and the average raise was more than $5,000. 1 in 5 increased their salary by $10,000 or more! Money that could be used for a vacation, a new home, or to pay off student loans or credit cards.  By the end of this course, you will be able to:  Know how to negotiate a higher salaryAccurately research your maximum worth on the marketNavigate the early stages of an interview, avoiding online forms and low-ball screening questions from HRUse a 5-minute body language trick to increase your rate of successImplement the same negotiation techniques used by the FBIConfidently say exactly the right phrases to secure the highest salary and get paid what you deserveWhat truly sets apart this course are the added modules you won’t find anywhere else.  9 detailed case studies and interviewsOne woman negotiated a $63,000 increaseA museum manager increased her pay $11,000 with a single emailKendra negotiated a salary increase, a signing bonus, a better start date, a six month review, and additional vacation timeA videographer negotiated a $35,000 pay increaseBelinda gives tips for negotiating at a non-profitAn interactive, role-playing ‘hot seat’ to practice your negotiationAdvice on negotiating benefits, such as bonuses, flextime, relocation, vacation, and 7 more, as well as resources for women, non-profits, and startups If you’re a professional interviewing for a new job and want to be part of the group that DOES negotiate, earn more money, and learn the salary negotiation secrets no one ever taught you, don’t wait … sign up today and use negotiation to get a higher salary.  Also see:  How To Negotiate a Job Offer (Student Edition)How To Negotiate a Raise or PromotionStudent Reviews and Testimonials:Let me get right to the point for people who don’t like to read reviews. Words can’t express how good this course is. I feel like somebody let me into a secret society of how to make more money. I’ve always wanted to know someone in HR who could keep it real and this course is that resource. I started the course and only knew two techniques for my up coming job interview and I got them to raise their offer by $10,000. – Kenneth WilkersonThis the most engaging course I have ever taken on Udemy. – Mirmohammadyousef MotamedhashemiI have changed jobs 5 times in 7 years and have successfully negotiated a competitive salary every time. Applying these tactics to salary negotiation seems daunting but Jim breaks down the process really well and provides solid examples for each of the tactics outlined. GREAT for professional women especially. Professionally produced and engagingly delivered. Recommended. – John & Jodi Meredith I wanted to reach out to you so you can know how your class is affecting peoples lives. I was working for a company for one year and today was my review. I was initially hired as a web designer and developer at $50,000 and throughout the year I took on more responsibilities. To make the story short, I did a presentation this morning via Keynote, using a lot of the techniques you recommended, rehearsing it with my wife (she had GREAT input on the presentation), and requested a raise within the $75k-90k range due to my research of positions with similar responsibilities. I invested the whole weekend into it. Result: I just hung up the phone with my boss and they raised my salary to $78,000 and will give me another review in 6 months instead of 12! Thank you so much for your help! – SH