Sales Greatest Closing Techniques – Close like a Machine! The most important and effective closing techniques all in one place! The secrets to closing laid bare before your eyes! Come with me and together, we will learn the closing secrets, which lead to massively over-achieving sales! MASTER this sales wisdom and ENLARGE your wealth! Single Sentence Summary: This course will give you the business wisdom that SHOWS you exactly HOW to close! What does this course include? Repetition StrategyFear-of-Loss StrategyRight-Timing Strategy13-point List of Top Closers Characteristics5-step Great Closing Set-up Guide This course will cover: Scarcity principleClosure PrincipleAppeal PrincipleAmplification PrincipleExchange PrincipleIntroductory AnalysisSummary AnalysisPsychological AnalysisPrecautionary NotesTrade Secrets + TacticsSharp Angle closeAsk-the-Manager-closeBonus/Concession CloseImpending event closeLevel-with-Me CloseBest Time CloseAssumptive ClosePuppy Dog ClosePorcupine CloseGive/Take CloseBuy-the-Dream CloseSummary Close Each Close Technique includes: What will I get from this Course? By the end of this course you will: RECOGNISE what needs to be done, to over-deliver on sales quotas!BE CLEAR on the route to selling success!BE CONFIDENT on the key principles that enable consistent over-achievement! Teaching Promises:Speaking your language whether you are a seasoned sales professional or just curious about sales this course will be transparent to youFrom the position of the student I will pass from teacher to student, and teach the way a student wishes to learnOpen and honest with my own personal successes and failures, elaborating with stories where I can to illustrate what I have learnt from personal reflection I will clarify every term, highlight key words, underline core ideas and reinforce fundamental points wherever possibleKeeping things simple Can Anyone Interested in Business take this Course? Yes! It is jargon-free and focuses in on the key learnings that can transform anyone into a star salesperson! You might be a seasoned sales professional looking to brush up your skills, a small business owner, a budding entrepreneur seeking to start a new venture, a professional worker looking to start a career in sales, or maybe you are just curious about sales, this course is absolutely for you! No prior experience or credentials are needed, except a thirst to learn something new!ENROL NOW!