Sales Training: The Secret of Successful Sales



Having great sales skillsis important to all of us. I have spent many years in sales environments watching people who get average results and others who just seem to have ‘it’. The latter group make more sales and get more repeat business. Why is that? What is it that they are doing that the first group are not?In the answer to the above question is the secret of genuine sales success. If your customers have no choice where to buy and you are the only person supplying what they want, with a little bit of advertising,they will come to you; but if you have competitors, how do you make sure that people buy from you and not someone else?The Top 10keys to gettingsuccessfulsales is:Building strongrelationships by resonating with what is important to the customerAsking the right questionsListening (really listening) to what the customer wants and doesn’t wantUnderstanding the decision-making process of othersEthicallyinfluencing the decision-making process of othersBuilding customer loyalty through ‘relational’ sellingActing as a consultant first, sales person secondUnderstanding the pain-pleasure principleAddingvalue and taking massive actionThe Quality Street Gang:The Quality-Street Gang is a term used to describe a group of sales people who make more money than other sales people, with less calls / sales pitches and ‘seemingly’ less effort.On this course, I will share some essential secrets of successful sales. Secrets that will make you a member of the ‘Quality Street Gang’.So what are you waiting for? Enrol on this course and see the difference it makes to your sales results!