Salsa On2/Mambo (New York Style) – Level 1/Beginner Footwork



Learn Salsa On2/Mambo (New York Style) TODAY!Order your course, invite a friend, put your dancing shoes on and ENJOY!!!!I designed this course with the complete beginner in mind. Short videos and slow detailed teaching will help you to learn faster. There are 9 Salsa Footwork steps in this course….all necessary to have a good time on the dance floor. Salsa/Mambo is made up of 2 Parts, Footwork & Partnerwork. THIS is the Footwork video so make sure to sign up for the Partnerwork course as well. YES, you can take both courses at the same time! No prior dance training or experience necessary. Salsa On2 is the most popular style of Salsa all over the world so join the FUN!!!Learn Salsa On2 NOW!#Salsa #OnSean #Seaon