SALSA – Pachanga for ALL SALSA DANCERS – Volume I of 5


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Have you always wanted to learn the Pachanga?? Well, look no further. I break this down with EASE and precisionSimple to follow instructions and easy directions!!The Pachanga is quickly becoming one of the most popular aspects of Salsa/Mambo. There isn’t a place in the world where you dance Salsa that they are not asking for THE PACHANG. Why??It’s funky, it’s sexy, it’s rhythmic and most of all…. IT’S FUN!!! LOL.As always, I created this course with YOU in mind, the student, so therefore I have taken great detail in breaking down the steps and the music to you as well. Whether you are a beginner social Salsa dancer or a professional performer on stage, you’ll find these courses JUSTRIGHT for your Pachanga learning! This is the first of 5 courses if you’d like!Message me with any questions you may have ok? Hugs! Let’s PACHANGA!